This is the Maribyrnong Secondary College's Science Department's website / wiki.

It was created by Mr Black and maintained by the science teachers at Maribyrnong SC.

It is intended as a resource for students, parents and teachers.

Students can view and download work they may've missed in class (usually because of sporting commitments), and see where the rest of the class is up to. Also, reminders of when work is due and when unit tests and exams are scheduled. Other resources are available, such as the school calendar . Don't forget the Science Talent Search!

Parents can keep up to date with what their child is doing in class and greatly assist their learning by occasionally checking that they are doing at least the recommended minimum homework. It often surprises parents to learn that their child is given regular homework as this is not always carefully recorded in homework planners. Also, even if you don't know much about science, just sitting with them can boost their confidence and focus as they do their work. Get them to read out and explain the work to you!

Even without formally set homework tasks, students are expected to review and add to or improve their class notes, read and understand the few pages of their textbooks relevant to the current week's topics, write up and improve practical reports and assessment pieces.

Helping your child to catch up with schoolwork is extremely valuable especially if they have missed some school.

Teachers of different classes in the same year level can use this website to co-ordinate progress and exchange resources.